Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quartzsite's first bank was an RV!

Photo by Chuck Woodbury
Before 1987, there wasn't much civilization in Quartzsite — no fast food joints, no housing subdivisions, no sprawling gas stations with mini-marts. And there was no bank. Then, sometime early in 1987, Desert Sun State Bank came to town. Its branch in nearby Parker was not doing well, so maybe Quartzsite would be more fertile territory. Looking back, you might wonder why the bankers would think that, as there was little commerce there at the time.

Desert Sun State Bank was not willing to pop for the kind of money it would take for a real brick and mortar location. So it drove in a motorhome, secured it from would-be robbers and erected a roof overhead to keep away the elements.

It must have been a very nice thing for residents to have their own bank. In this photo, there's a line out the door waiting to get in. But that's understandable: only one customer at a time was allowed inside.

We don't know exactly when the RV bank left Quartzsite, but it wasn't there too long, we know that. And as the years passed, Desert Sun State Bank was acquired by another bank, which was acquired by yet another, its name lost along the way.

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