Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quartzsite ignites with propane wars

Snowbirds come to Quartzsite for plenty of good reasons: Desert sunsets. Scores of vendors with products to sell. Quiet times around the campfire with good friends. Warm weather. Warm weather? If you've looked at the weather map, you'll notice the "warmer than average temperatures" are giving way to some definitely chilly nights. Yep, you'll soon see Paul the "Naked Bookseller" put on his coat – when that happens, you KNOW it's cold.

Maybe it's a good thing that Quartzsite is in the middle of a propane war. Yep, the chief heating fuel of RVers is on sale across the great Quartzsite metropolis. Here are the prices (and a few tips) from around QZ as of December 10.

$2.15 Patties RV Park on the B-10 (Main Street) across from the Family Dollar. Patties offers free pickup and delivery, which is a big draw, especially for those with those honkin' big 20 gallon tanks. Trouble is, they won't take your credit card.

$2.15 Herb's Hardware Store on Highway 95 (Central Boulevard). When there's a line-up at other LP purveyors, you'll often find a quick fill-up at Herbs, and it's handy when you're picking up those repair needs. Many don't know about Herb's LP, because the tank is stashed away out of sight of the main road. A bonus: Herb's takes credit cards.

$2.15 RV Pit Stop on Highway 95 (Central Boulevard). The Pit Stop also offers a dump station, and you can fill up with either RO water or city water. Sorry, no credit cards here, but if you need custom-made LP hoses and LP fittings, you'll find them here.

$2.15 Texaco Quick Check, Highway 95 and the B-10. Credit cards OK here.

$2.09 Fill-R-Up, on Highway 95, just north of the Texaco Quick Check. These fellows moved in last year and are giving most of the LP retailers a run for their money. Making them attractive is their acceptance of credit cards – sorry, checks only drawn on the local bank. Fill-R-Up also offers free pickup and delivery for the same low price. Laundromat on the property.

$2.05 Mobile Station, far east end of the B-10 (Main Street). Yep, at present the low-price leader, but hang on to your hats, prices have been flipping around like a landed fish. Mobile will take your credit card; our big beef: You'll probably have to send somebody inside to fetch the LP attendant, then run inside again to pay. Kind of a hassle, but if you're watching your pennies . . .

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  1. At the last check it was just under $2.00 at the hardware in Brawley Ca.


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