Monday, December 31, 2012

January shows bring in the visitors--latest details

Quartzsite's main season is soon to be "off and running." While the snowbirds have been trickling in, the first of January looks like it will mark a big inrush. And no surprise there, January has some of the biggest "show attractions" of the year.

Don't worry, all your favorite vendor venues are up and running already. There's treasures and trash a'plenty. 

Here's the rundown of the big January attractions:

January 1 - February 28  Desert Gardens Annual International Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry show. You'll find it on the "south frontage road" near Love's Truck Stop.

January 12 - January 26  The Main Event host's the big Steam Engine Show. At the west end of town on Main Street (the "B-10").

January 19 - January 27  The Big Tent Sports, Vacation, and RV Show. No doubt one of the biggest draws of the year, Kenny's HUGE tent will be up and drawing literally thousands. You'll find it on the west side of Highway 95, just south of the "south frontage road."

January 23 - January 27  44th Annual QIA Pow Wow.  Yep, rock and gem lovers, this is THE BIG ONE. This is the show that probably made Quartzsite famous.  Food, and lots and lots a rocks. At the QIA grounds, look for the signs on Main Street (the "B-10") traveling east of Highway 95.

Where to stay? There are still plenty of spots at many of the area's RV parks. And as always, if you don't mind boondocking, there's room at all of the Short Term BLM sites around the area, free for up to two weeks. Want a little more "civilization" and a place to dump your tanks and take on fresh water? Then the Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA) have lots of room available. Fees are still $40 for two-weeks, and $180 for the whole season.

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